ROOTCON Recovery Mode will be held on October 9 and 10 as Virtual Conference.

ROOTCON 14 will be on October 7-9, 2020 at Taal Vista Hotel in Tagaytay.

ROOTCON Kids β will be on May 23, 2020 at Max's Burgos Circle.

ROOTCON Hacker RunDown β was on May 16, 2020.

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Recovery Mode First Round of Talks

Recovery Mode Keynote

Breaking News: RC Recovery Mode

HackerRunDown - Safe Mode & Networking

ROOTCON 14 Call For Papers

ROOTCON 14 Update

ROOTCON Kids Advisory


ROOTCON 14 Theme

RC13 Video Release!

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Recovery Mode First Round of Talks
Posted on: 08.03.20

The long wait is over! First round of talks for ROOTCON Recovery Mode Edition is now up!

Blockchain Based OT Monitoring Solution (BBOTMS)

Cracking Financial Systems

Hackers Don't Wear Black Hoodies, They Wear Capes

I've Injected a DLL - You Won't Believe What Happened Next!

Offensive Embedded Exploitation : Getting hands dirty with IOT/Embedded Device Security Testing

Quark Engine - An Obfuscation-Neglect Android Malware Scoring System

Recovery Mode Keynote
Posted on: 07.24.20

Casey Ellis
Casey is the Chairman, Founder and CTO of Bugcrowd. He is an 18 year veteran of information security, servicing clients ranging from startups to multinational corporations as a pentester, security and risk consultant and solutions architect, then most recently as a career entrepreneur. Casey pioneered the Crowdsourced Security as a Service model launching the first bug bounty programs on the Bugcrowd platform in 2012, and co-founded the vulnerability disclosure standardization project in 2016. A proud ex-pat of Sydney, Australia, Casey lives with his wife and two kids in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is happy as long as he is pursuing potential.

Randolph Barr
Head of Product Security at Zoom & Contributor CISO Council for Zoom. Bug Bounty Program, Application Security, Technical Security. Most recently, Barr served as CISO at Topia, overseeing security for the company’s global cloud-based platform.

As the former CISO at Aryaka Networks, Saba, the Talent Development company, Barr created the company's global security program from the ground up. Prior to Saba, Barr held CISO positions at leading cloud companies including ServiceSource, Qualys, Yodlee and WebEx Communications.

Breaking News: RC Recovery Mode
Posted on: 06.16.20

One of the challenges mentioned in my previous post was THE OUTBREAK. Since March 26, we are closely monitoring the Covid19 pandemic situation both locally and internationally, after the ECQ (Enhanced Community Quarantine) has been lifted the number of cases in the Philippines shoots-up, this could be an early warning that we will be going back to ECQ anytime or in between ROOTCON 14 planning.

At this time everything is just so uncertain, it makes planning very difficult. Travel restriction could vary from one country to another, hotels and bars are still closed or only caters a specific number of people. Furthermore we don't want to risk the health safety of our crew, speakers, sponsors, and attendees.

Like most other hacking conferences, ROOTCON 14 will be entering Recovery Mode, you may call it a Limited Edition as this is the first time in the history of ROOTCON that we will be hosting the full event virtually. We are looking forward to seeing everyone.

Stay tuned for more ROOTCON Recovery Mode announcements. In the mean time Call for Papers and Call For Sponsors are still on-going.

All the best,

HackerRunDown - Safe Mode w/ Networking
Posted on: 05.14.20

In collaboration with Bug Bounty PH & Knights of the Net.

In the most innovative way nothing can stop the hacking community, it all started with a virtual meet-up organized by the Knights of the Net security community, followed by the community of Bug Bounty Hunters, this is where Hacker Rundown was brewed. Hacker Rundown is by far the biggest hacking community virtual meet-up in the Philippines.

More details...

ROOTCON 14 Call For Papers
Posted on: 04.13.20

WHAT ROOTCON 14 Call For Papers
WHEN October 8-9, 2020
WHERE Taal Vistal Hotel in Tagaytay

We are pleased to announce the opening of ROOTCON 14 Call For Papers. Our theme for this year is based on the novel by Dan Brown "Digital Fortress" which is focused on cryptography and surveillance. ROOTCON 14 is looking for talks focused in the field of information security, attack vectors, cryptography, IoT security, automotive security, exploit development and cutting edge security research that gears towards surveillance and code-breaking.

Submit your Call For Papers.


ROOTCON 14 Update
Posted on: 03.27.20

With the unprecedented series of events, comes a more challenging way to plan ROOTCON 14. Here are the updates from ROOTCON HQ.


ROOTCON Kids Advisory
Posted on: 03.20.20

In light of the nationwide precautions to combat the COVID-19 outbreak, we've decided to postpone ROOTCON Kids Beta that was scheduled on May 23, 2020. The safety of our attendees and crew is our utmost priority. We apologize for the inconvenience this might cause you.

To those who already signed-up, you may request a full refund kindly send us a message through Facebook Messenger or email us.

Keep safe everyone.

Posted on: 02.18.20

As the world becomes more connected, more and more kids are interested and curious to know how the technology works. We at ROOTCON saw the need for our kids to embrace technology as they will play a vital role in cultivating technology on their generations.

Like ROOTCON we are aiming RC Kids to be an annual event every summer, with our main objective to provide the knowledge and skills to start them young.

For FAQs and details visit the ROOTCON Kids page.

ROOTCON 14 Theme
Posted on: 02.03.20

The concept behind ROOTCON's yearly theme is simple, the curators of ROOTCON picks a novel with sci-fi fiction genre. The yearly theme will be announced as we start planning for the conference, as con-goers your assignment is to blissfully read the chosen theme and shape your vibe and feel as the conference starts shaping up.

This year we have chosen Digital Fortress as our theme, a techno-thriller novel written by American author Dan Brown which heavily involves surveillance and cryptography.

Theme details:
Keywords: cryptography, surveillance, encryption
Colors: BDE98B, 1F438F, 2F70AC, E5BD6B

Time to get the hyped-up.

RC13 Video Release!
Posted on: 11.01.19

ROOTCON 13 Videos are now ready for your viewing pleasure.

Checkout the ROOTCON 13 YouTube Playlist

It is also worth mentioning the Keynote Talk The Role of Hackers in Securing the Country's Cyberspace by:

CDR Reynaldo Lopez PN (GSC)
Commander, AFP Cybergroup

For your reading pleasure!
Posted on: 10.11.19

ROOTCON 13 was a blast, if you missed the con or just want to review what has been talked about at the conference, here's the initial release of RC13 Archives!

Direct media: 13/

We will be adding more content on the media server as we slowly recover from the RC13 hangover.


Capture The Flag Organizer
Posted on: 09.05.19

We are Pwn De Manila, we will be organizing this years ROOTCON CTF, a CTF organizing team born out of the love for CTFs.

We are just like you--inherently curious, highly competitive, and effortlessly pwnny--we have been long-time participants for the ROOTCON CTF. The only difference is that this time, we're the ones who will be running the show.

Proudly tracing our roots from way back ROOTCON X, Pwn De Manila is now committed to making intellectually-rewarding and painfully-meaningful CTF challenges that aim to meet ROOTCON's reputation and tradition of bringing organized chaos to con-goers every year.

Just like the team name, expect this year's CTF to be frustratingly witty and proudly Filipino.

Full details: