ROOTCON 10 in 3 minutes

ROOTCON 10 was held last September 22-23, 2016 at Taal Vista Hotel in Tagaytay

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September 21-22, 2017

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ROOTCON 10 Highlights

  Posted: 10.06.2016

ROOTCON 10 Highlights, How Far We've come? by Matchbox Twenty perfectly describes our 10th iteration.

Thank you!

  Posted: 09.30.2016

In-behalf of the goons and volunteers of ROOTCON I would like to personally say THANK YOU!

This years conference was an epic one.

The topics delivered were highly technical and we thank our speakers for that! The trainings were jam-packed, we are looking into expanding our trainings with different cutting-edge topics by next year. The games were well participated, receiving feedbacks that they enjoyed our Capture The Flag this year makes us to do more of it. The newly introduced Semprix’ Mysterybox didn’t gain much players, maybe it was too difficult I will try to adjust the difficulty next year.

With the newly introduced multiple tracks, the Capture The Flag had it’s dedicated area so players can focus more on the game with comfortable table and seats. The chill-out area was another best decision we had, through out the two day conference we consumed 70 liters of beer, awesome right?

The post-con party was pretty epic as well! We consumed 20 bottles of hard-drinks from Jack Daniels, Bacardi, to Mojito, 120 bottles of beer were served not to mention Smirnoff Mule sponsored us 400 bottles!

Right after the conference the goons were already brain-storming what more cool stuffs we can add to next year. Here are some stuffs to watch-out for next year.
1. We will introduce Fort ROOTCON, an area around the conference were tools and exploits have demos.
2. Hacker Jeopardy will be rescheduled for everyone to be able to attend.
3. Day 1 party and movie night will be held at the conference hall.
4. Capture the Flag will be extended from 10:00am to 11:00pm in-conjunction with the day 1 party and movie night.

Some pre-con activities we are brewing up.
1. Campus tour with student Capture The Flag.
2. Hackerspace in January
3. ROOTCON Kids will be introduced as mini-event around the month of May.

ROOTCON will continue to serve the hacking community specially in the Philippines, where hackers, geeks, pros will meet old and new friends, enjoy and of course learn from each other. With that said it wouldn't be possible without our awesome attendees, you rock!

Again I would like to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!

All the best,

ROOTCON 10 in 3 minutes

  Posted: 09.30.2016

This year was a so much different ROOTCON we had previously, this year we introduced new things like multiple tracks, newest member of the ROOTCON official contests which is the Mysterybox. A more awesome and bigger party for ROOTCON post-con party.

ROOTCON 10 Schedule Live!

  Posted: 08.01.2016

ROOTCON this year will be composed of 3 tracks, main talks, trainings and the chill-out area.

Checkout the skinny here

Subject to change without prior notice.

Call For Press

  Posted: 07.21.2016

ROOTCON 10 Call For Press is now open!

Information Security industry in the Philippines is a growing industry, ROOTCON in its own little way has been part of that growth, we are growing the hacking community in the country, what's in it for the press? We want to let the rest of the country to know what's new in the hacking community and in the Information Security industry in general.

Checkout our previous press coverage.

We are giving away one day pass for our friends in the press. If you are a press please send us an email to comms /at/ rootcon dot org, to find out more.

ROOTCON 10 Teaser

  Posted: 07.10.2016

ROOT CON started with only less than 20 humans, as years pass by we grew and grew, this year we will be celebrating our 10th iteration, since our inception we maintain our image as the only legitimate hacking conference in the Philippines.

ROOTCON is known for its high-caliber technical speakers, contest quality, and affordability. We have been able to bring to the Philippines sought-after and credible speakers that other groups have not been able to get. At the same time, we have been successful in keeping access to the conference affordable for the hacking community. This September 22-23, 2016 we will be proving that we are still the ROOT CON you knew years back.

Calling all geeks, hackers and pro's, let's support ROOT CON and the hacking community and make the event awesome, fun and memorable.

It's not yet too late, REGISTER NOW!

Like, Love, and share.


RC10 CFP Officially Closed

  Posted: 06.11.2016

ROOTCON 10 speaking slot is very limited, we filled-up those slots ahead of our deadline, thus we are officially closing our CFP doors! There were plenty of awesome submissions this year, however we need to choose the best, to those who made it this year congratulations! and to those who didn't make it don't panic we will hopefully see you next year. Here are the pre-final talks.

Pre-final Talks

Certificate Based Strong Client Authentication as a Replacement for Username/Password

ComeLEAK - from hacking to behind bars

Demystifying A Malware Attack

Exploiting Home Routers

Halcyon – A Faster Way to Build Custom Scripts for Nmap Scans

Mommy and Daddy Lie (InfoSec philosophies for the Corrupt Economy)

Patients at Risk! Ransomwares Infecting Healthcare

Practical Network Scanning and Inventory

Shifting Paradigms from Windows to Mac


ROOTCON Secret Party

  Posted: 04.30.2016


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     ____   ___   ___ _____ ____ ___  _   _
    |  _ \ / _ \ / _ \_   _/ ___/ _ \| \ | |
    | |_) | | | | | | || || |  | | | |  \| |
    |  _ <| |_| | |_| || || |__| |_| | |\  |
    |_| \_\\___/ \___/ |_| \____\___/|_| \_|

   ____                     _     ____            _
  / ___|  ___  ___ _ __ ___| |_  |  _ \ __ _ _ __| |_ _   _
  \___ \ / _ \/ __| '__/ _ \ __| | |_) / _` | '__| __| | | |
   ___) |  __/ (__| | |  __/ |_  |  __/ (_| | |  | |_| |_| |
  |____/ \___|\___|_|  \___|\__| |_|   \__,_|_|   \__|\__, |

Gel uneqre....vgf n frperg nsgre nyy.

First round of RC10 Talks

  Posted: 04.15.2016

Our first round of talks for RC10 has been approved.

Certificate Based Strong Client Authentication as a Replacement for Username/Password

Username/Password Authentication (UPA) is trivial to hack today, even when used with SSL protected websites (e.g. keyboard sniffer). A username/password database on a server is a juicy tidbit for a hacker to do mass harvesting of credentials, for fun or profit. Cracking even hashed/salted passwords is not rocket science. Most passwords can be found on the most common 10,000 list. Humans are notoriously bad at coming up with good passwords, and even those can be discovered. Now completely ineffective.
❯

Exploiting Home Routers

Lots of us are looking for VULNERABILITIES anywhere, sites, systems, programs, other networks, other wifi. But have we checked our HOME for vulnerabilities? Home Routers has lots of vulnerabilities and has GREAT potential in documenting vulnerability researches for CVEs. I will show you some remote SSID Changing using malicious website, Denial of Service, XSS, and getting router credentials.
❯

Halcyon – A Faster Way to Build Custom Scripts for Nmap Scans

Halcyon is the first IDE specifically focused on Nmap Script (NSE) Development. This research idea was originated while writing custom Nmap Scripts for Enterprise Penetration Testing Scenarios. The existing challenge in developing Nmap Scripts (NSE) was the lack of a development environment that gives easiness in building custom scripts for real world scanning, at the same time fast enough to develop such custom scripts. Halcyon is free to use, java based application that comes with code intelligence, code builder, auto-completion, debugging and error correction options and also a bunch of other features like other development IDE(s) has. This research was started to give better development interface/environment to researchers and thus enhance the number of NSE writers in the information security community. Halcyon is the first IDE specifically focused on Nmap Script (NSE) Development.
❯

Registration Officially Open!

  Posted: 04.07.2016

Our registration is now officially open, this year we looked for another alternative other than Eventbrite to lessen the cost of our ticket fee. ROOTCON is always dedicated to giving the most quality and affordable conference in the country.

Our registration this year is the same price as last year, no increase but we made it more exciting, first 30 registrations will entitle you to a free invite to the ROOTCON secret party.

This conference is now BS just pure awesomeness! So what are you waiting for be part of the largest hacking conference in the Philippines!

Accepted mode of payment:

Direct Deposit (thru BPI)

Group discount and student rates available!


RC10 Call For Papers

  Posted: 04.03.2016

Let the freshest hacks be submitted and share them among the hacker community, ROOTCON Call For Papers is now open deadline of submission is on June 13, 2016.

Topics of interest but not limited to:

- Real-life hack (responsible disclosure)
- Non-tech hacking
- New tool release
- Exploit Development
- Reverse Engineering
- Web Application Attacks
- Tools 101 (Metasploit, Nmap, etc…etc…)
- Wireless Attacks (3G, 4G, 802.11(x))
- Cloud Security
- Vulnerability Discovery
- OS Level Vulnerabilities
- Physical Security (Lock picking – Digital Locks or Digital Safes)
- SQL Injections
- Vendor Appliance Vulnerabilities
- Exploitation Techniques
- Mobile Security


RC10 Website gone live!

  Posted: 03.26.2016

Yes folks RC10 website is now live, this is your one-stop resource for RC10 informations, news and updates, we are only a few months away from the big event and we have a lot of exciting things for you this year!

Get informations on how you can sponsor, how you can register, informations on contests, and bits of Frequently Asks Questions.

Join us for another year of awesome hacking conference in the country only at ROOTCON.

ROOTCON 10 Dates

  Posted: 01.06.2016

ROOTCON 10 dates

This year ROOTCON will be celebrating our 10th iteration, so as our way of saying thank you we will be running a 3 day straight conference.

Day Ø Trainings, other games, and parties.
Day 1 Official tracks and CTF.
Day 2 Official tracks and CTF.
Final venue will be posted soon.

Black Badge Policy

  Posted: 11.07.2015

What is a Black Badge?

Black Badge has been adopted from DEF CON, a black badge is one of the highest honors given to the ROOTCON con-goers who proved their elite skills, black badge are also given to people who have significant contributions to the local InfoSec community.

The Black Badge page.

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