Arthur Garipov

Arthur was born in 1987. He is a graduate of the Ufa State Aviation Technical University, was a software developer at OZNA and an independent security researcher. He started his career at Positive Technologies in 2014. Now he is engaged in security research of wireless technologies, mobile systems, and IoT. He is also an organizer of the MiTM Mobile contest and hands-on lab at PHDays V

Christopher Elisan

Christopher Elisan is a seasoned reverse engineer and malware researcher. He is currently the Principal Malware Scientist at RSA. He has a long history of digital threat and malware expertise, reversing, research and product development. He started his career at Trend Micro as one of the pioneers of TrendLabs. This is where he honed his skills in malware reversing. After Trend Micro, he built and established F-Secure's Asia R&D where he spearheaded multiple projects that include vulnerability discovery, web security, and mobile security. After F-Secure, he joined Damballa as their resident malware subject matter expert and reverse engineer. Aside from speaking at various conferences around the world, he frequently provides expert opinion about malware, botnets and advance persistent threats for leading industry and mainstream publications. Christopher Elisan is also a published author. He authored "Advanced Malware Analysis" and "Malware, Rootkits and Botnets." He co-authored "Hacking Exposed: Malware and Rootkits." All books are published by McGraw-Hill.

Daniel Frank

Daniel Frank is a Security Researcher within RSA FirstWatch for the past 2 years, and altogether is with RSA for the 6th year. Before joining RSA FirstWatch, Daniel was a part of the RSA FraudAction team, first as a Phishing analyst and then as a Malware analyst. On a daily basis, Daniel writes security driven code in Python, researches, dynamically analyses and reverse engineers malware, exploit kits and additional emerging threats. Daniel has presented before at Microsoft DCC 2016 and RSA TechFest 2015. Last year, Daniel received his Bachelor of Science degree in Information Systems from The Academic College of Tel-Aviv ñ Yaffo.

Jason Haddix

Jason Haddix is the Head of Trust and Security at Bugcrowd. At Bugcrowd Jason works with customers, operations, and engineering to design enterprise ready, seamless, bug bounty and responsible disclosure programs. Jason's interests and areas of expertise include mobile penetration testing, black box web application auditing, network/infrastructure security assessments, and static analysis. Jason lives in Santa Barbara with his wife and three children. Before joining Bugcrowd Jason was the Director of Penetration Testing for HP Fortify and held the #1 rank on the Bugcrowd researcher leaderboard for 2014/2015.

Jayson E. Street

Jayson E. Street is an author of Dissecting the hack: series. Jayson is also the DEF CON Groups Global Coordinator.He has also spoken at DEF CON, ShowMeCon, UCON and at several other CONs and colleges on a variety of Information Security subjects. His life story can be found on Google under “Jayson E. Street”.

He is a highly carbonated speaker, who has partaken of Pizza from Beijing to Brazil. He does not expect anybody to still be reading this far but if they are, please note he was chosen as one of Time’s persons of the year for 2006.

Keith Lee

Keith Lee is a Senior Security Consultant with Trustwave's SpidersLabs Asia-Pacific. SpiderLabs is one of the world’s largest specialist security teams, with over 100 consultants spread across North America, South America, Europe and the Asia Pacific. SpiderLabs has a focus on original security research and regularly presents at conferences such as BlackHat, DefCon, OWASP, Hack In The Box and Ruxcon. Keith is based out of Singapore and has primary focus is on providing penetration testing, social engineering and incident response services to clients in the Asia-Pacific region.

Lucas Apa

Lucas Apa is an information security expert and entrepreneur. He currently provides comprehensive security services with cutting-edge firm IOActive (Seattle, USA), both onsite and remotely, for most of Global 500 companies and organizations.

Focused on offensive security, he publicly disclosed critical vulnerabilities and exploits for widely used operating systems, industrial control systems, modern robots, access controls, embedded devices and other groundbreaking technology that shapes the future world.

Lucas’ security research and ideas have been presented at world-renowned security conferences including Black Hat USA, PacSec Japan, Black Hat Europe, Ekoparty, AppSec USA, SecTor and EnergySec. His technical work and opinions have been featured in media outlets such as: The New York Times, Reuters, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, CNN, CNBC, Financial Times, FOX, VICE and much more. He is currently based in Argentina and advises regularly with local media as a commentator and security analyst.

With an envisioned sense of adventure and experience, Lucas gives the companies he works with the opportunity to partner with global authorities by leading, managing and executing highly technical projects and missions.

Maxwell Koh

Maxwell is a penetration tester with Trustwave's SpiderLabs Asia-Pacific. SpiderLabs is one of the world's largest specialist security teams, with over 100 consultants spread across North America, South America, Europe and the Asia Pacific. SpiderLabs has a focus on original security research and regularly presents at conferences such as BlackHat, DefCon, OWASP, Hack In The Box and Ruxcon. Maxwell is based out of Singapore and his primary focus is on providing penetration testing service to clients in the Asia-Pacific region.

Timur Yunusov

Senior Expert of Banking systems security and author of multiple researches in field of application security including "Bruteforce of PHPSESSID", rated in Top Ten Web Hacking Techniques of 2012 by WhiteHat Security and "XML Out-Of-Band" showed at the BlackHat EU 2013. Professional application security researcher. Previously spoken at BlackHat EU, HackInTheBox, Nullcon, NoSuchCon, CanSecWest, Hack In Paris, ZeroNights and Positive Hack Days.

Vladimir Katalov

Vladimir Katalov is CEO, co-owner and co-founder of ElcomSoft Co.Ltd. Born in 1969 and grew up in Moscow, Russia. He studied Applied Mathematics in Moscow Engineering-Physics Institute (State University); from 1987 to 1989, was sergeant in the Soviet Army. Vladimir works in ElcomSoft from the very beginning (1990); in 1997, he created the first program the password recovery software line has started from: Advanced ZIP Password Recovery. Now he coordinates the software development process inside the company and develops strategic plans for future versions.

Vladimir manages all technical researches and product developments in the company. He regularly presents on various events and also regularly runs it security and computer forensics trainings both for foreign and inner (Russian) computer investigative committees and other organizations.

Wilson Chua

Wilson is an IT and business geek from Dagupan, Pangasinan. He finished his masters in IT Program Management at the top of the class from National University of Singapore (NUS). He is now based in Singapore and is currently certified in big data analytics.

Wilson correctly predicted the landslide victory of President Rodrigo Duterte in the last Philippine presidential elections based on twitter sentiment analysis.

He decided not to renew his other certification: Microsoft MCSE, Cisco CCNA, EC Council Ethical Hacker, PMP Project Management

Yury Chemerkin

Yury Chemerkin has ten years of experience in information security. He is multi-skilled security expert on security & compliance and mainly focused on privacy and leakage showdown. Key activity fields are EMM and Mobile Computing, IAM, Cloud Computing, Forensics & Compliance. He published many papers on mobile and cloud security, regularly appears at conferences such as CyberCrimeForum, HackerHalted, DefCamp, NullCon, OWASP, CONFidence, Hacktivity, Hackfest, DeepSec Intelligence, HackMiami, NotaCon, BalcCon, Intelligence Sec, InfoSec NetSysAdmins.