Hall Of Fame

Do you have what it takes?

Our conferences does not only hold cutting-edge talks, each year ROOTCON hosts mind-boggling contest that are participated by con-goers, aside from getting your team onto the Hall Of Fame, winners gets to take home a black-badge, which entitles the players for a FREE entrance the next con.

Capture The Flag

ROOTCON 10 - Team Harambae
ROOTCON 9 - Team Handshake
ROOTCON 8 - Team Jill
ROOTCON 7 - Team Handshake
ROOTCON 6 - No Winner
ROOTCON 5 - No Winner

Hacker Jeopardy

ROOTCON 10 - Team Shibal
ROOTCON 9 - Team RCIX Speakers
ROOTCON 8 - Team Shibal
ROOTCON 7 - No Winner
ROOTCON 6 - Team Alien Paminta
ROOTCON 5 - Team Alien Paminta