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Welcome to Planet ROOTCON

So you want to be a part of Planet ROOTCON? That is just awesome....

Meet the ninjas, get discounts, hold meetings and events, that is even cooler!!!!

So let's get started just send the following to groups [at] r00tc0n d0t org

Group Name (Should be composed of RCPlanet Sector : (country code + area code))
Location (Where are you located on this planet earth =) )
Group Leader (You can use your handle, no real names required)
Group Email Contact (You can place group leader's email address or a general group mailing list)

What are you waiting for? Get your Group listed on the Planet ROOTCON.

Active and InActive Sector

RCPlanet Sector No.: 632 A.K.A LinuxShack
Sector Location: To Follow
Sector Leader: bobJabba
Sector Contact: linuxshack at mail dot com

RCPlanet Sector No.: 6393 A.K.A PHCI
Sector Location: To Follow
Sector Leader: sh4kz | suplado
Sector Contact: phci at rocketmail dot com

RCPlanet Sector No.: 6304A A.K.A Cavite 1337 H4x0r5
Sector Location: Cavite
Sector Leader: Saunders03
Sector Contact: cavite.1337.h4x0r at hackermail dot com

RCPlanet Sector No.: 6310 A.K.A Mazters
Sector Location: Tarlac
Sector Leader: mmazter
Sector Contact: confirmationreview at yahoo dot com