What is ROOTCON?
ROOTCON is the first hacking convention in the Philippines.

Where did the name ROOTCON came from?
Came from the two word root(super user on Unix systems) CON(conference).

When is ROOTCON?
ROOTCON is held first week of September or last week of September of every year.

Will there be illegal activities on the CON?
No, we do not condone illegal activities during the CON.

What is a badge?
A badge is your ticket to the CON. The badge is equipt crypto's that you need to participate in games and challenges.

How do I pay?
For security reasons, since ROOTCON 6 we are now using EventBrite as a payment portal where you can pay through direct deposit or PayPal.

I'm low on budget, how do I go to ROOTCON?
We are making ROOTCON the most affordable but the best quality of conference, if you are low on budget and still want to attend ROOTCON, you may have several options, ROOTCON event dates will be announced ahead of time, grab yourself a coin box and put some coins on it before the CON, if you are from other region, take a boat going to Cebu its pretty much cheaper than going on a flight.

I'm a speaker or volunteer. Do I have to pay?
ROOTCON does not earn something, speakers are not paid in monetary form, they are only given tokens and other appreciation stuffs, speakers dont need to pay, youll get your badge, booze and food for free. Volunteers will have to pay with less 20% on the registration fee.

I'm a minor, can I attend?
Minors should be accompanied by parents or guardians, there will be activities during the CON that requires parental guidance, events like beer drinking contest, wargames, and other adult stuffs.

Is ROOTCON only for hackers?
No, ROOTCON is open to everyone, during the CON there will be Feds, Programmers, Designers, n00bs etc..etc...

What do I bring during the CON?
It depends on what do you want to bring and are you going to do on ROOTCON.

What behaviors that are acceptable on ROOTCON?
There will be booze and party during the CON, things that wont get your ass in trouble, dont be a douchebag and a show shore.

Do you give official receipts?
Yes we provide official receipts but only by request, read the event page for details and instructions.

Is this event legitimate?
Yes this event is legitimate, we abide by the laws and rules.

I'm a corporate IT security professional, should I attend ROOTCON?
We suggest you do attend the CON, there are stuffs you can learn and meet new people from the InfoSec industry.

Are you connected with any government Feds or agency, some local forums says you are!!!
NO!!! We are not connected in any government feds or agency, we are only a conference not PDEA or the NBI.

Do you hack Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo mail and get paid?
NO!!! We dont hack your Facebook, Twitter or Yahoo mail, we dont hack your girlfriends/boyfriends email account for you.

Are you an underground group with hazing when we join?
What the heck are you asking? No we are not a fraternity group!!!

You guys are involved in hacking Philippine government website?
NO!!! We are not a group of underground hackers attempting to bring down IT infrastructure in the Philippines.

Do you issue Certificates after the con?
ROOTCON is a hacker conference and not a seminar, training or a workshop so we do not "normally" issue certificate. However if it makes you happy we can provide an official certificate of attendance digitally signed by semprix (The Fork Meister).

Do you provide copy of presentations?
There will be no hard-copy that will be handed over, you may approach the speaker if you cannot wait for the event archives to go live.

Where do I ask my question, this FAQ is not helpful at all
If your question is not anwered by this FAQ, send an email to inquire [you-know-what] ROOTCON dot org.

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