Parties & Meetups

ZerØ Hour

A ROOTCON after con party! It's where it gets crazy. This year we will be changing the feel of the zer0-hour party! We ditched the "house party" feel instead we rented an entire resto bar just for us hackers! Join the largest hacker party in the country!

Where: Bells & Whistles
When: September 28, 2018 2000 HRS
Entrance Fee: ₱650.00
- Dinner
- Booze
- Live band
- Glow-sticks, lasers & unicorns

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Program Guide
19:00 - Dinner / Networking
20:00 - Hacker Jeopardy
22:00 til you drop! - Live Band, Drinks, and more.

Shuttle schedule
Taal Vista to Bells & Whistles

Bells & Whistles to Taal Vista
Starts 23:00 (then every 30 minutes thereafter)

"What is fun without the rules" -Gru

1. Don't be an asshat!
2. No throwing of beer bottles or any breakable things in the pool.
3. No throwing-up at the pool, we don't want to end up cleaning it.
4. No deadly weapon at the party, includes but not limited to knives, guns, timebombs, C4 and what not.
5. No physical coehercion on anyone.
6. Sexual harassment is a NO NO at any ROOTCON Parties, rest assured you will be thrown-out from the party.

Nullforge Private Party

True hackers hides behind the shadows, a retro hacker party organized by Nullforge Security Inc.

When: September 26, 2018 2000 HRS

About Nullforge
NullForge Security, Inc. is a premier cybersecurity company helping businesses protect their data, people, and their brands. Our passion and dedication to cybersecurity greatly reduce security risks and enable companies to focus on their core business.

Visit their website at