Official Contests

Capture The Flag | Hacker Jeopardy

Capture The Flag

The most gruelling game in every heart of a hacking conference is here at ROOTCON as well!

Where: Track 2
When: Opens September 27, 2018 @ 1000HRS
Closing September 28, 2018 @ 1400 HRS
Operating Hours: The entire conference days
Who can play? Any ROOTCON attendees except for the ROOTCON Goons and crew.


There will be sets of challenges from different categories, each categories has 6 levels from easy to hard, the main objective of the game is to get the flag, the team to achieve the most points wins the game.

1. NO DIRECT DDoS or any form of ATTACKS on the game servers, anyone caught attacking the server will be disqualified. (let others enjoy the game)
2. NO Physical Coercion on players and crew.
3. Minimum team members is 2, maximum is 3.
4. Players should be on the designated CTF table.
5. Players should register prior to playing the game.
6. Only the team captain can talk to the CTF marshalls and crew.
7. To be declared as winner of the ROOTCON 11 Capture The Flag a team should at least earn no less than 3500 points.

There will only be one winner to take it all.
Two guaranteed Blackbadge that entitles the winner to attend ROOTCON the following year for free.
Gadget / Cash (To be announced)

If the winning team only achieves 3500 and or less than 4500, the team only gets two Blackbadge.

Hacker Jeopardy

The infamouse game at ROOTCON, where everyone is a winner that is when you get drunk after the game. Below are the mechanics for the first ever Hacker Jeopardy in the Philippines!

Where: TBA
When: TBA
Who can play? Any ROOTCON attendees except for the ROOTCON Goons and crew.

Game Show Cast
Host/Emcee: DevNull "The Pitboss"
Score Keeper: Hacker Jeopardy Babes
Foxy baristas/drink-pourers: Hacker Jeopardy Babes

The Mechanics
The objective of the game is the same as that of the popular (Double) Jeopardy game -- to win (duh!). Questions are posed as "answers" and the contestants must answer in the form of a question. Contestants earn points for each correct "question". (Confused? Google for "Double Jeopardy", you dork.)

In HJ, 3 Teams will put their l33t (and general) knowledge of a wide range of Topics to the test from 5 different Topics/Categories with 5 increasingly difficult "answers" per Topic. Each "answer" is worth a certain number of shot-glasses/glasses of a particular liquid metal (beer, wine, rum, gin, absinthe, etc.). The easiest "answers" will be worth 1 shot-glass/glass and the hardest worth 5 shot-glasses/glasses (shot-glass or glass, depending on the type of drink).

The HJ Game is 2 Rounds of chaotic drinking and consists of 3 opposing Teams, with each Team composing a maximum 3 elites and minimum 1 dweeb. A randomly chosen Team will get to choose a category and "question" at the start of each Round. Each Team will then have 30 seconds to press the buzzer and provide the correct "question". E.g., if Team A buzzed first and answers correctly, the opposing Teams B and C will have to down the drinks worth that "answer". If Team A answers incorrectly, Team A will down those drinks as penalty. As a bonus, any of the opposing Teams B and C can still buzz for a chance to answer the question if the 60-second time-limit is not yet reached. E.g., if Team B buzzed and answered correctly, Team C will have to down the penalty drinks. If not, then Team B downs their serving of pride.

The penalty drinks in the First Round (aka Liquid Metals Round) will consist of beer, wine or rum lightweights. Contestants will brave the Second Round (aka Heavy Metal Round) with cocktails from hell containing gin, vodka, tequilla, absinthe, etc. There is a "Double Jeopardy" question in each Round that is worth a surpise prize ;-)

There ya go, guys. It all goes downhill after the first "answer" is popped. The Team who is most sober (i.e., drank the least number of shots/glasses) at the end of Round 2 wins the Game.

Two guaranteed Blackbadge that entitles the winner to attend ROOTCON the following year for FREE.
Gadget / Cash (To be announced)