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Get Hold of ROOTCON through the following contacts

Volunter: So you want to volunteer?

ROOTCON needs a volunteer to get the CON running, we accept any form of volunteer.

Email: volunteer [you-know-what] rootcon dot org.

Sponsorhip: ROOTCON definitely needs a sponsor

Sponsors in any means are welcome. Send us an email to get a copy of our sponsorship package.

Email: sponsors [you-know-what] rootcon dot org.

Activities: Lets get rolling

ROOTCON has several activities, we have the CTF, Hacker Jeopardy, WiFi village, etc...etc...If you want to host an activity do contact us.

Email: activities [you-know-what] rootcon dot org.

General: Didnt find what youre looking for?

For general inquiries, comments and suggestions you may shoot us an email.

Email: inquire [you-know-what] rootcon dot org.

The Fork Meister: Contact Semprix

PGP Key Fingerprint: D2E9 E72B 4102 D653 F241 5F9C 7556 0DD9 0D9B B34E


Methadone: The Omniponent Being

Email: methadone [you-know-what] rootcon dot org.