Is ROOTCON Cancelled?
No, we are switching to Recovery Mode event.

What is a Recovery Mode event?
Due to the Covid19 pandemic, Philippine government forbids holding mass gathering, Recovery Mode is a virtual conference.

When is the ROOTCON Recovery Mode?
ROOTCON Recovery Mode will be happening on October 9 & 10.

Is this a free event?
Yes and No
Yes, there will be a free live stream sessions.
No, there are talks that are not accessible for free, including the Hacking 101 training and the virtual villages.

Will there be swags?
Yes there will be swags that will be available for sale.

Are you selling ROOTCON Recovery Mode T-shirt?
Yes we will be selling Recovery Mode T-shirt online. Announcement will be made soon.

What will happen to the Capture The Flag?
There is still Capture the Flag, but only paid attendees can play. Scoreboard will be streamed live.

Are there still villages?
Yes there will be virtual villages, available to paid attendees only.

How about Hacker Jeopardy?
Hacker Jeopardy will be streamed live but with a twist. Stay tuned for more details!

No more post-con party?
There will be a band that will be live streamed, you can sit at home with an ice cold beer.