101 Sessions

Hacking 101

Schedule: October 7, 2020 - Day ZerØ

This course provides an introduction to ethical hacking. It describes common methodologies to practice in using security knowledge in the professional scene as well as some knowledge and tips to jumpstart your infosec career. This session gives you an idea of what you’re looking for in starting you path to be a hacker or if you’re just simply curious about the hacker culture. (Minus the jail time).

This year we extended the Hacking 101 Session to include pentesting fundamentals, which includes basic “need-to-know” methodologies on penetration testing as well as some widely used tools and techniques to add in your hacking arsenal. The short course will help you get started on what you need to practice and give you an insider look at what penetration testers do on a regular basis and what kind of mindset you’ll need in your kit to get your way to the industry.