Car Hacking Village

When: September 26-27
Where: Track 2

ROOTCON is growing bigger, becoming more mature and better every year and has proved to be an organized chaos since its inception. This year semprix and shipcode finally decided to start their very own Car Hacking Village. It's time to unleash the beast that was trapped in the abyss.

Automotive Security and Car Hacking have been in the spotlight for almost 4 years now. More talks and research are geared towards it because it is the trend and we owe it to the Car Hacking Village and of course to Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek. Cars have computers and technologies that hackers can tap into: wireless, key fobs, CAN Bus, telematics, electronic controllers, ECUs, secure gateways and the infotainment systems.

The Official @CarHackingVillage which debuted at DEFCON 23 co-founded by Robert Leale AKA carfucar is in full-support of this effort to bring Car Hacking Village at ROOTCON. Shoutz to Ian Tabor AKA mintynet who is also a car hacker who has been mentoring this effort.

So fellow ROOTCON goers, expect some good hardware and some junks that came out of nowhere because we promise we are gonna showcase our 1st ever Car Hacking Village in the Philippines!

Disclaimer: Full-permission has been given to ROOTCON Communications to use @CarHackingVillage official logo as part of this effort to bring Car Hacking Village in the Philippines.

Hardware Hacking Village

When: September 26-27
Where: Track 2

Unleash your creativity in electronic hardware and script-writing.

Coming to Rootcon for the first time is Hardware Hacking Village run by Hackerwares and sponsored by Nullforge Security.

Come to solder a badge inspired by Terminator's Skynet design featuring a miniature Arduino class board with a USB port. And then try your hand at programming it to interface with its components.

For the advanced soldering challenges, learn to replace SMD chips. Or dive into writing scripts on the badge that'll execute automated keystrokes or commands, opening endless possibilities of the rubber ducky.

We encourage you to keep experimenting with the badge and build your unique version of it!

Lockpick Village

When: September 26-27
Where: Track 2

Reach out from the virtual world into the physical world. Rootcon 13 features the Lock Picking Village run by LockSport PH. Get the chance to learn the basics of lock picking and get hands-on practice on progressive-difficulty locks.

The Lock Picking Village is a demo and participation area. Come to learn and be educated on how security systems work and what vulnerabilities are available for exploit. Exploitation techniques will be demonstrated and will be available for you to try. Not only can you learn about the fun hobby of locksport but you also gain the knowledge on how you can better protect your own property.

You can also bring your picks and try to exploit locks. The Lock Picking Village also provides practice locks of various levels of difficulty to hone your skills. It also features bypass and attacks for various locks and security systems.

In this year's edition, we will be presenting locksport games and challenges, lock VAPT (bring your locks to test), high-security locks for practice, cut-away locks, and lots more.

LockSport PH is a local group that aims to promote and develop locksport in the Philippines, it also strives to educate the general public about physical security and locking systems.