Call For Papers

ROOTCON 13 Call For Papers is open! Want to share those new research, shiny new exploits and exploitation techniques? Now is the best time, make a difference and be part of the hacking community.


What: Call For Papers
Submit: cfp /at/ rootcon /dot/ org
Subject: RC13 CFP Submission [Topic Name]
Deadline: June 13, 2019


Topics of interest but not limited to:

- Real-life hack (responsible disclosure required)
- Non-tech hacking
- New tool release
- Exploit Development
- Reverse Engineering
- Web Application Attacks
- Wireless Attacks (3G, 4G, 802.11(x))
- Cloud Security
- Vulnerability Discovery
- OS Level Vulnerabilities
- Physical Security (Lock picking – Digital Locks or Digital Safes)
- Vendor Appliance Vulnerabilities
- Exploitation Techniques
- Mobile and Smartphone Security
- Malware Analysis
- SS7/GSM/VoIP Security
- NFC, GPS, HAM Radio, Satellite, RFID and Bluetooth Security
- Automotive Hacking
- ICS and IOT Hacking

Speaker's info

(*) Required
Please copy the needed information together with the agreement and paste them on a .txt format.

Name and or Handle *:

Email Address *:

Mobile Number *:

Title and Company (if applicable):

Location *: e.g. Metro Manila, Others please specify.

Brief Bio: *: This part should contain a little info about yourself, what you do, etcetera - to be posted on the site.

Have you talked on previous ROOTCON events? * Yes or No.:

Co-speaker does not get a free slot at the conference we will only be giving 20% discount from the regular rate to your co-speaker.

Presentation info

This part should contain info about your presentation.

Presentation Title *:

Synopsis *: (Summary of your presentation in a nutshell, at least 2 paragraphs.)

Technical demo? *: Yes or No.

Internet access? Yes or No, if yes specify wireless or wired.

Any other equipment requirements? Please specify.

Copyright & Remuneration agreement

I warrant that the above presentation is of my own work, or if copied, permission has been obtained from the author for publications on ROOTCON, and that I will give credits accordingly.

I will grant permission to ROOTCON to post my presentation on the ROOTCON Relics after the event.

1. As a ROOTCON speaker, you will be entitled to the following benefits:

a. ROOTCON 13 Conference Pass for two days.

b. Domestic Speakers (speakers coming from within the Philippines)
- 1 Night Accommodation
- Round-Trip Airfare

c. International Speakers (speakers coming from outside the Philippines)
- 2 Nights Accommodation
- Airport Transfers

d. One ROOTCON speaker token.
e. One Speaker Badge
f. And of course free booze all throughout the conference.
g. ROOTCON 13 Zer0-Hour Party Pass
h. Certificate of attendance (speaking engagement) by request.

2. ROOTCON will be responsible for providing all equipments and setup needed for the presentation as stated on the Equipment Needs.

3. ROOTCON will not be responsible for all other expenses not included on the equipment needs and on the benefits stated above.

4. Creation of the presentation will be done by the speaker himself. ROOTCON members can assist the speaker such as preparing the LCD Projector, white board, prepare the stage, setup of the microphone and assistance during the demo. Other requests should be addressed to the ROOTCON organizing committee.

5. ROOTCON will not disclose speakers personal and contact information unless stated by the speaker.

6. ROOTCON will not be held liable for the safety of their speakers before, during and after the event.

7. Speaker will be held liable in creating his/her disclaimer if the presentation contains hacking exposure.

8. In the event the speaker changes his topic, he must inform the cfp /at/ rootcon /dot/ org one (1) month before the event; new topic will be subject to approval.

9. Speakers are advised to check-in at the hotel one (1) day before the event. This is to meet the organizing committee, give you proper orientation about the venue, prepare your equipments and discuss other important matters before the event.

10. On the event proper, the speakers should be at the venue an hour or two prior to his or her presentation.

11. Speaker who wishes to decline or backs out from his speaking engagement, he should inform cfp /at/ rootcon /dot/ org one (1) month before the event.

12. Substitution is allowed provided that the original speaker will look for his own substitute and inform the organizing committee the complete profile of the new speaker (substitute) one month before the event.

13. ROOTCON will only pay the additional hotel accommodation if the speaker has pending tracks on the following day.

14. To maintain the quality of topics, all topics are selected according to awesomeness level.

15. Final Presentation materials should be sent to cfp /at/ rootcon /dot/ org, one month before the conference, this will serve as backup should there be unforeseen circumstances.

I, (insert your name here), have read the above and understand and agree to the terms as detailed in the Trainers Remuneration Agreement and Copyright Agreement.

In the event the Speaker failed to comply with the Speaking Remuneration Agreement and Copyright Agreement, ROOTCON reserves its right to revoke any benefits entitled to the trainer.